How to choose a T-shirt
To make nice and smooth T.YARN, you need to have a
T-Shirt (any piece of jersey-fabric will work, too).
It cannot include:

• buttons
• applications (such as strass or paillettes)
• elastic decorations
• full coverage prints

The jersey is supposed to have at least 92% of cotton.
If you found your perfect jersey-shirt –>
Congrats! Please continue.
Does it have seams on the sides?
T-Shirt with seams
T-Shirt with seams
Download here the PDF.
of How to choose a T-shirt
Is the mesh-size bigger than XXXX?
Appx. 1mm (or smaller)

Cut stripes that are min. 8mm wide. You can continue with the “infinite-cut”

Appx. 2mm (or smaller)

With this shirt it’s possible to
produce very slim T.YARN with the “infinite-cut” (have a look at “how to cut a T-Shirt”).You can cut 5mm (or wider)
Does it contain elastane?
Use it for knitting. With yarn of 5-7mm width it’s possible to use it in a digital knitting-machine as a weft.
Use this yarn for (digital)weaving