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of How to cut a T-shirt
How to cut a T-shirt
(To produce infinite T.YARN, you need to have prepared your T-Shirt with the previous instruction
“How to prepare a T-Shirt”.)
T-Shirt with seams
Infinity T-Shirt
Step 1:
Make sure you know how wide you want to cut your T.YARN. For guidance, have a look at our instruction
“How to choose a T-Shirt”.
Step 2:
With a pair of textile scissors, cut horizontal stripes with the width you have chosen. Make sure you leave at least 2cm space on one side of the shirt.

If you want to cut very thin stripes precisely, we suggest using a roller-blade, a cutting-mat and a metal ruler.
Step 4:
Choose the first stripe on the bottom of the shirt. With the scissors, complete its cut directly towards the edge of the shirt.

With the rest of the stripes, connect them by cutting diagonally, so that the cuts meet each other. This way, you create a connecting stripe of jersey. Proceed until no stripes are left.
Step 3:
After your shirt is completely cut into stripes, you carefully put your hands between the two layers of the shirt at the edge where you left some space. Now you can see the part of the shirt, that still holds all of the stripes together. Hold this piece in front of you.
Step 5:
If everything is cut correctly, you have produced one long stripe of jersey. In order for it to be nice T.Yarn, you need to pull the whole stripe gently. This way, the edges roll towards each other and the stripe turns into a circular yarn.

Congratulations! You finished your first T.YARN. Now you can roll it onto a cone or into a ball of yarn.